BePure Good Gut Protein



The ultimate gut loving protein, collagen and probiotic blend with full BCAA’s and over 27g protein per serve. A protein and collagen blend, scientifically crafted to provide your body and gut with all the goodness it needs to look good and feel great from the inside out.

A collagen base supports gut health while BCAAs provide a complete protein profile; toned muscles; energy and exercise recovery. Your tummy will love the added digestive enzymes and 2 billion CFU of probiotics, scientifically studied to support healthy digestion and gut microflora. You can search high and low, but you won’t find a better protein for great gut health.

Each jar of BePure Good Gut Protein contains 16 serves (560g).


Support for:

  •   Muscle health
  •   Exercise performance
  •   Post workout recovery
  •   Supports healthy body weight
  •   Digestion and bloating
  •   Gut health
  •   Bone and joint health
  •   Healthy hair, skin and nails

Additional information


Not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.


Adults (ages 12+) 1 serve daily as part of a main meal, workout recovery drink or a quick
and delicious snack.
Ages 4-11 years: ½ serve daily


Chocolate, Vanilla



560g Jar, 536g Refill