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How does a microbiome test work?

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Select your preferred microbiome test from our store based on what area of your microbiome you would like to receive insight about

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Send your swab to our partnering Australian lab and they’ll analyse your microbiome for any irregularities or diagnoses.

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Receive your microbiome results with a full practitioner report and personalised advice for your gut, oral or vaginal microbiome health. 

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Why La Biome?

A healthy microbiome is the key to a healthy you. 

La Biome cares for your health by supporting your natural flora, from head to toe. 

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Microbiome friendly

Microbiome friendly products support the gut, skin, intimate areas and mouth. They help good flora to flourish and discourage bad microbes.

Australian Business

La Biome is an Australian owned business and we pride ourselves on providing local and unique Australian health products. 

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Women Owned for Women

We are a women owned business invested in achieving the best health possible for women through supporting our unique microbiomes. 

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Australian Business

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