Amazonia Raw Wholefood Extracts Organic Women’s Multi (Peach Passionfruit) 100g


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Amazonia Raw Wholefood Extracts Women’s Multi is a potent,  organic source of non-synthetic vitamins and minerals that may support women’s physiology and wellbeing. This delicious blend contains highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals extracted purely from organic wholefoods. With a B vitamin complex, zinc, iron, silica, herbs and more, Amazonia Raw Wholefood Extracts Women’s Multi provides vitality the way nature intended.

  • Vegan. No gluten, added sugar, dairy, additives, preservatives & GMOs
  • 13+ non-synthetic nutrients extracted from organic wholefoods
  • Passionflower, Schisandra & Silica extract may support women’s wellbeing
  • 60mg Wholefood Silica & Vitamin C for collagen production
  • Wholefood B Vitamins & Iron may help reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Zinc & Vitamin B6 may aid hormone regulation, fertility and reproduction
  • Vitamin D3, Vitamin C & Zinc to aid in immune system function
  • Vitamin B2 supports normal function of the nervous system

Additional information


Wholefood Vitamin & Herb Blend (Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin* [prebiotic], Organic Acacia Gum* [prebiotic], Organic Beetroot Powder*, Organic B Vitamins (Derived From Sprouted Wholefoods)*, Organic Curry Leaf Extract*, Organic Acerola Powder*, Organic Guava Leaf Extract*, Organic Coconut MCT Powder*, Organic Bamboo Silica Extract*, Organic Passionflower*, Organic Schisandra*, VitaminD3 (non-GMO Algae), Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin*, Natural Flavours, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract*. *Certified Organic

Directions for use

Blend 2 teaspoons (7g) in 100ml of water with food for daily maintenance. Also makes a delicious addition to smoothies, coconut water, yoghurt, breakfast bowls and more.


Reseal after use. Store below 25℃ in a cool, dry and dark place. To shine extra bright, keep me in the fridge.